NAFCo Days Oot are a great way for visitors and locals to experience Aberdeenshire with a musical twist.

Departing from Aberdeen, the bus tours will be hosted by local guides who will relate stories of tunes and composers, with live music by NAFCo musicians, providing a soundtrack to the stops at historic sites and landscapes of the North-East along the route.

Full day tours will arrive at venues early-afternoon, allowing participants to attend workshops or explore the local area.

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Thursday 12 July: James Scott Skinner's Deeside tour to Banchory 

Friday 13 July: A Day Oot at the Big Hoose tour to Haddo House

Saturday 14 July: Tunes and tales of the Banffshire Coast tour to Banff & MacDuff

Sunday 15 July: The Tunes and Life of Alexander Walker tour to Glenbuchat

Tour prices include admission to worskhops, tour stops, and a ticket to an evening concert at the destination venue, and return transportation to Aberdeen after the concert. Participants will be responsible for their own meals in addition to the tour costs.

Please note, tours will return to Aberdeen at a late hour after the concerts.

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11-15 JULY 2018